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Toxicology: it’s not just the dose that makes the poison

History Toxicology began as the science of poisons. History shows that civilizations actually used their knowledge of poisons to murder and replace numerous kings and emperors. The concept of the use of chemical substances changed in the 15th century when Paracelsus, considered the father of modern toxicology, stated, “It’s the dose that makes the poison.” He understood that for every […]

Mechanisms of the impact of pollution on brain function

Neurodevelopment, neurodegeneration and chemical sensitization WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE PRESENTATION, CLICK HERE The brain is especially vulnerable to damage from exposures to airborne chemicals. This includes deficits in brain development in young children, neurodegeneration in adults, and sensitization in susceptible individuals. Everyone is exposed to numerous chemical pollutants every day. Some accumulate and most of us have a myriad […]