L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec / Environmental Health Association of Québec

Video Resources

Welcome to our video resources page. The page is divided into 5 sections. Check out our Eco-Living Guide to learn more about safe and healthy options.

General InformationAir QualityChemicalsCleaning and Safer ChoicesLaundry

General Information

Eco Living Guide
What is the Eco Living Guide and how can it help?
Basic Tips
Get all your general information on keeping your spaces clean and healthy
How to choose products
Learn some tips and tricks to make sure your products are safe and healthy
How to transition to a healthy environment
How can you play your part to make sure your spaces are healthy
Renovation and Construction
Learn more about renovating safely so you can stay safe and healthy

Air Quality

Proper ventilation is key to reducing chemicals and preventing mold


Education about blood and dust samples
Learn more about the chemicals present in our environments and our bodies

Cleaning and Safer Choices

Prevent the formation of mold, and reduce chemical exposures
Protect your health even while sleeping to be rested and restored
Often forgotten about, our closets must be well ventilated
Planning on renovating or buying a home? Learn about your healthiest options
Learn what to look out for when getting new furniture
General Housekeeping
Cleaning products can have a strong influence on our health, learn how to reduce the risk
When everything comes in contact with our food we have to ensure we use safe and healthy options
Eco-friendly healthy choices for paint have a big impact on the chemicals present in our homes
Several steps can be taken to prevent the development of mold on and around windows


Eliminate static cling
Safe and healthy ways to get rid of static cling
Take care of your skin, your body, and the environment with these tips