L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec / Environmental Health Association of Québec

Board Members

Board Members

Rohini Peris – President
Michel Gaudet – Vice-President & Executive Director
Tony Izzo – Treasurer, Fundraising and Events
Marlene Higgins – Secretary
Dr. Jennifer Armstrong – Documentation on Research
Judith Cohen – Legal
Robert Morariu – Marketing
Nicole Frechette – Administrator
Karina Kramer – Environmental issues and Communication

Honorary board members & advisors to the board

Riina Bray BASc MSc MD FCFP MHSc Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic. Women’s College Hospital Co-Chair Environmental Health Committee. Ontario College of Family Physicians Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Toronto
John Molot, MD (
Margaret Sears, Ph.D. Research Institute of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Clinical Epidemiology, Research Institute of the Hospital of Ottawa
Pierre Auger, MD  FRCPC  Occupational Medecine
Marie Andrée Pigeon, MD – Doctor in charge of occupational medicine and medical consultant in public health


Michel Gaudet

25 years of community service

Title: Executive Director

Michel Gaudet has twenty-five years of community stewardship and has led successful campaigns on important issues related to health and the environment and Human Rights. Past President of the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, he also serves as the Vice-President of ASEQ-EHAQ. Michel works diligently with staff, board members and the advisors to the board, to ensure that ASEQ-EHAQ devotes its energy towards its mission.

Johannie Simard


Title : Researcher: legal aspects of environmental sensitivities/multiple chemical sensitivity

A student at the Quebec Bar School, Johannie completed her law degree at Laval University (2018-2021). As part of her work with ASEQ-EHAQ, she has completed several legal research mandates related to multiple chemical sensitivity. In particular, she has written several papers for our members to inform them of judicial developments and their rights in the areas of labor law, co-ownership, and housing. Equally, in the perspective of respecting people’s fundamental rights with multiple chemical sensitivity/environmental sensitivities, Johannie has written numerous communiqués to the attention of government agencies, including the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission and the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies. That, to advocate for the recognition of multiple chemical sensitivity/environmental sensitivities as a disability, as well as the establishment of policies on accessibility for people with this health condition. During the school year, she continues to be active with ASEQ-EHAQ as a volunteer.

Kelly Tragash

Kelly graduated from McGill University with a degree in political science specifically focusing on inequality

Title: Administrative Coordinator

Kelly’s role as Administrative Coordinator involves working closely with the President on initiatives with each branch of the organization including development of web content, researching, creating and presenting content to educate and engage the community. Kelly is also working on verifying funding sources and writing grants for projects such as the ECOASIS Housing project. Kelly also promotes engagement by supporting the voices of people experiencing MCS and ensuring their ideas are integrated into the association’s programming to support and help fulfill their needs.

Yifan Wang

Masters of Science, University of Montreal

Title: Research Data Analyst

Investigating the impact of the health measures for COVID-19 on people living with MCS. Contributing to the team as a Research Data Analyst for research on MCS.

Nikolas Argiropoulos

Specialization in Statistics and Major in Psychology at Concordia University

Title: Research Data Analyst

As a research data analyst my job is multifaceted. I work directly with the Executive Director and advisors to help plan; coordinate write research projects and papers. I create the data code book, clean, manipulate, analyze and interpret data, which I then present to the Executive Director, advisors and colleagues to make empirical decisions and used for peer-review publication.

Mehdi Sabour

Bachelors in Kinesiology (B.Sc.) from McGill University. Currently preparing for law school

Title: Communications and environmental outreach

Evaluates, manages and improves the bilingual outreach communication content and tools (social media, newsletters, etc.) to most efficiently advocate, educate, and raise awareness of multiple chemical sensitivity and environmental health issues while highlighting our content, projects and services. Also connect with similar groups and communities to collaborate and promote campaigns and initiatives on a provincial, federal and international scale. Also work on evaluation plans, report the findings, and suggest necessary changes based on data collected through surveys and other means of outreach.

François Deschamps

D.E.A. Astronomy and space techniques, University Toulouse III, France

Computer consultant, creator of software packages, databases, various applications and websites (25 years of experience in the field)

Writer and blogger

Title : Website management

Takes care of the administration and the modifications of the site.