L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec / Environmental Health Association of Québec

Book a webinar / workshop

The Environmental Health Association of Québec presents a range of workshops/webinars on issues surrounding environmental sensitivities.

The workshops / webinars are given free of charge however a donation is appreciated. Post COVID-19, we would appreciate that travel and other actual costs are covered. These costs could include materials provided to participants.

All workshops/webinars can be tailored according to the time available and also for the content you would like to be covered.

For webinars, we can present to any region in Québec – no matter the size of the group of participants.

The following are the workshops/webinars

For people who have environmental sensitivities, their families and their entourage.

  • A description of the health condition
  • Social and other impacts
  • Statistics
  • Tips to manage environmental sensitivities
  • Legal aspect – workplace issues and rights

For professionals

  • Understand the known biological mechanisms and potential severity of environmental sensitivities
  • Improve management of persons with environmental sensitivities
  • Learn to educate patients, families and others regarding environmental sensitivities
    • Medical communities
    • Employers
    • Landlords
    • Accommodation

For workplace accommodation

  • To understand and accommodate environmental sensitivities in the workplace

For fragrance-free environments

  • How to educate and implement successful fragrance-free policies

Ecological strategies for everyday living

  • How to choose what you use, for optimal health and respect for the environment