L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec / Environmental Health Association of Québec

Resources for Environmental Sensitivities

ASEQ-EHAQ websitesThe Environmental Sensitivities link conveys MCS education and awareness project, the ECOASIS link will explore affordable and healthy housing for people suffering from environmental sensitivities, and the Eco Living Guide provides more information on safe and healthy living practice for people with MCS.
Documents for Good Management of Environmental Sensitivities
Useful links about managing MCS including fragrance free, ecological solutions, and suggestions for personal needs.
Documents on Environmental SensitivitiesUseful resources to read on environmental sensitivities. Topics include: Biological, legal, and social aspects, as well as improving care for people experiencing MCS.
Fragrance-free Policy: How and Why?Provides useful information about fragrance free healthcare, and scent free buildings in general.
Healthy Solutions for Everyday LivingUseful databases to assist with healthy choices, and information about fragrance free practices.
Indoor Air QualityThe Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality and Buildings. Guides for Indoor Air Quality including modules.
LegalProvide essential legal information and human rights commission knowledge.
MedicalDiagnostic tools to be used by healthcare providers, and hospital protocol, a practical guide for hospital staff with knowledge on MCS.
Research on MCSResources on MCS including accommodations, fragrances, exposure, and effects.
Support for AccessibilityThis includes a fact sheet that discusses cleaning practices to reduce COVID, and a letter of support for people experiencing environmental sensitivities.