L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec / Environmental Health Association of Québec

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I am tired of living in hell

Olly Gabrych

I don’t know about you but I have never in my life encountered people who know what people with MCS suffer. Nothing is done. It’s not only about toxic chemicals but also the environment which you live in that can and does affect people’s lives. When you have to deal with asbestos and mold and unhealthy air being circulated in these so-called buildings then we have a problem. I am so tired of having to keep moving and using my pension to do this and have to skip meals in order to move into the next unsuitable place. What is wrong with you people.

It should be these so-called doctors who should be knocking on doors and helping people find suitable housing so that we don’t have to live in slums and deal with ignorant people who know nothing about our problem. We need these so-called doctors to push this government to do what we need. SAFE HOUSING, GOOD FOOD. Where are these so-called government officials that bleed us for more money but do nothing to help us? The Human Rights Commission states that MCS is a disability so why is this so-called government ignoring us.

We need action not words. I have waited over 10 years for something good to happen. I am 71 years of age and I am tired of living in hell.