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Lack of accommodation for a disability

Ginger Major

I just recently found this organization which I desperately need.  I know that I am not able to go into a hospital currently due to COVID protocols.  The hand sanitizer and cleaning protocols make it impossible.  I tried to get an MRI at the beginning of Covid and had difficulty getting accommodations (even at 6 am to avoid people) and had to make arrangement to get my vaccinations outside of designated buildings.    I know that I wouldn’t be able to survive a hospital stay as it feels like my lungs collapse due to severity.  I haven’t been able to get blood work and have been denied accommodations to try and access health care.  The most recent example because the nurse didn’t fully explain that I just can’t walk into a hospital or any building if feeling unwell as their protocol dictates.   The risk of Covid is even more severe for someone with MCS knowing that they are immune compromised with no access to hospitals and that they could die if my family is exposed through the school system.  It has been hard to explain to people how severe reactions can become as they continually want you to try and expose yourself to have in person meetings with the assumption that it would be a mild irritation.  I am still working due to COVID work at home accommodations, but without support from communities like this, I am not sure how long this will continue.  I appreciate the awareness of this community effort since the public does not understand how pervasive scent and chemicals are in our daily lives that cause havoc even waking the dog for exercise in the neighbourhood due to vented laundry products.

Sincerely, from someone in imprisoned in my own home,

Ginger Major
Burlington, Ontario