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Managing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) for Healthcare Providers and Patients

Implementing and Enforcing Scent-Free Policy Tools

Eco Living Guide

Taking an exposure history

Consensus Criteria

The Brief Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory (BREESI)

The Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory (QEESI)

Patient Support Letter Template 1

Patient Support Letter Template 2

Patients with MCS need help and support from their health care practitioner to learn to manage their condition.

Patient Management

SEEDS of health

Below you will find two versions of the activity and symptom tracking forms for your convenience:

Instructions for Activity and Symptom Tracking – MCS

Activity and Symptom Tracking_ Days of the Week MCS

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) – Activity, Symptom Tracking and Instructions

Part 1: Pollution Prevention

Part 2: Environment-Sensitive Care

Managing MCS

Videos: Managing MCS

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