L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec / Environmental Health Association of Québec


ASEQ-EHAQ is a charitable group composed mainly of volunteers that:

Help people who suffer from environmental sensitivities/Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) by providing telephone, online and in-person support such as:

  • Finding health (and other) professionals who are familiar with MCS
  • Obtaining a diagnosis from a knowledgeable healthcare provider
  • Identifying the cause of triggers in the environment and suggesting eco, healthy solutions
  • Helping with family and legal issues
  • Accessing appropriate workplace accommodation
  • Providing workshops, webinars, and online meetings
  • Creating and updating our websites and social media
  • Holding group support meetings
  • Creating newsletters and sending updates to the group
  • Alleviating severe isolation caused by this health condition

Work with the general public to provide information and awareness on MCS through:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Printed materials, websites, social media, google ads
  • Webinars
  • Media

Support employers to accommodate people suffering from MCS in the workplace (industry, institutions, schools, places of worship, etc.), through promoting the initiation and maintenance of scent-free policies via educational workshops, and telephone and online advice and support.

Advocate for MCS at all levels of government:

  • For recognition of MCS
  • To create awareness
  • For health and social services
  • To overcome barriers to access government and associated agencies
  • To remove barriers to healthcare
  • To diminish stigmatization of those with MCS
  • To address isolation and exclusion issues
  • To bring to light the devastating effects of this medical condition
  • To enhance safety in the workplace
  • To have fair administration of claims for disability and compensation
  • To advance research

Provide information on MCS to all healthcare professionals in Québec:

  • To understand the health condition
  • To enhance the care for those suffering from MCS
  • To provide resources to help people manage their MCS

Work closely with expert physicians, researchers and scientists to

  • Have the most up-to-date evidence-based information on treatments and management of MCS
  • To help achieve the best outcomes
  • To help reduce the negative impact of pollution on health

Collaborated with researchers at the University of Québec in Montréal and TÉLUQ in the development of a project on MCS funded by the Ministry of Education, Québec, titled ‘When the Environment Makes You Ill: Need to Understand, Need to Act’ which covered the biological, social and legal aspects of MCS. (Book a workshop). Visit our website

ECOASIS: Working with a team to plan, design, and build an affordable, ecological, healthy housing project for 40 families. ASEQ-EHAQ owns 25 acres of land in the Laurentians. The project has a green concept and will promote the use of least-toxic to non-toxic products for all applications. There will be strict control of indoor air quality and respect for the environment and human health. Contact us for more information. Click here to register to be on the tenant waiting list. Visit our website : The online Eco Living Guide provides least-toxic, healthy solutions for all aspects of daily living. Be sure to visit this website often as it will be continuously updated, and new categories will be added. Contact us to join our email list to learn about updates.