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Homeowner Seasonal Cleaning Schedule

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Homeowner Seasonal Cleaning Schedule

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In terms of optimizing indoor air quality on a seasonal schedule, here are some general seasonal tips for cleaning for homeowners:


  • Radon testing.
  • Check and clean or replace on a regular schedule the filters on the furnace, air purifiers and air exchangers, and on your water systems (whole house or individual).


  • Open windows.
  • Spring cleaning/getting rid of clutter and dust.
  • Check the caulking in the bathroom (the shower, bath), and around all windows.
  • Clear eavestroughs and downspouts.


  • Use a dehumidifier if your home becomes too humid.
  • Clean or replace air conditioning filters.
  • Deep clean carpets and rugs.


  • Get your furnace checked.
  • Check chimneys for blockages and get them cleaned if you have a wood stove.
  • Ensure doors and windows are properly sealed.



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