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Fragrance-Free Research Hub

Fragrance-free research hub


The Hidden Face of Perfume

This video delves into the concealed hazards of fragrance chemicals pervasive in our daily routines, shedding light on their implications for workplace safety, environmental health, and accessibility. Uncover the substantial exposure risks posed by these covert ingredients across a spectrum of products and environments.

Designing, Implementing, Monitoring, Scent/Fragrance-Free Policies

This video offers guidance on how to implement and monitor scent/fragrance-free policies, which are one of the most crucial accommodation measures for people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and other conditions, who are impacted by air quality.

The Importance of Being Scent/Fragrance-Free for People with Disabilities 

This video is a guide to be fragrance and scent-free, not only for individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), but also for other disabilities.


1- The Importance of Being Scent/Fragrance-Free

This document emphasizes the need for being fragrance-free for inclusion and accessibility.

2- The Importance of Being Fragrance-Free for People with Disabilities

This fact sheet emphasizes the need for being fragrance-free for inclusion and accessibility. It demonstrates how fragrance-free environments benefit individuals with various disabilities and health conditions. It also enables participation in activities and prevents barriers to accessibility.

3- How to be Scent/Fragrance-Free

This tip sheet provides advice for creating scent/fragrance-free spaces, particularly for those with disabilities. It guides on how to make healthy product choices and provides strategies to educate others, contributing to a healthier society. 

4- Design, Implement, and Monitor Scent/Fragrance-Free Policies

This guide explores the importance of designing, implementing, and monitoring scent/fragrance-free policies in the workplace. It provides steps and guidelines for creating and enforcing such policies to accommodate individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and other disabilities while promoting inclusion and accessibility.

5- Scent/Fragrance-Free Educational Poster

This is a thank you message that you can send to an establishment for implementing a fragrance-free policy in an establishment. It highlights the importance of such policies in creating a safe and inclusive environment for individuals with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and other health conditions. 

6 – Attention Laundry Facility Users – Inclusive Laundry Notice 

This document is a message aimed at educating users of shared laundry facilities on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and requests their cooperation in using scent/fragrance-free and least-toxic laundry products to support the well-being of individuals with specific health concerns like MCS, asthma, other respiratory conditions, COPD, autism, migraines, and dermatitis. 

7 – Database of Scent Free policies Canada – 2023

This database lists diverse types of establishments that have scent-free policies implemented.

8 – Questions and Answers on being Scent/Fragrance-Free

A useful set of questions and answers that cover commonly asked questions on being scent/fragrance-free.